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SunUp: Universal Access to Modern Energy

SunUp is a green energy design project focused on getting light, in a sustainable way to the 1.2 billion people—¼ of humanity—worldwide without access to electricity. SunUp focuses in providing a sustainable lighting source for kids to read and a general lighting source for daily house chores.

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How it works... 


1. Let sit SunUp lamp all day at the sun, so it charges its battery.

2. At Home, unfold your SunUp box, attach the SunUp lamp on top.

3. Unfold and configure the box the way you want and enjoy sustainable light.    

SunUp is an ambitious project intended to unfold a whole new level of possibilities for solar lamps. The concept is based on reflective and diffused lights.The light source will bounce and reflect from the SunUp Box’s bright reflective sides, increasing the quantity of light and the area the light illuminated. The SunUp box’s walls would function as reflectors, bouncing light coming out.

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Solar Lamps will save over 5% of a family's household income on lighting

SunUp has the potential to change and improve people's lives in off-grid areas, providing quality light to many households. SunUp will help prevent respiratory disorders caused by the smoke and fumes emitted when burning fuels such as kerosene and biomass. It will also help to ease the long term damage to eyesight resulting from the poor illumination by kerosene lamps.


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