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Designing a site for an international tunneling leader

My Role: Art Director, UX designer, and visual designer.

The Robbins Company is the world's foremost developer and manufacturer of advanced underground construction machinery.

While working at Hansen Belyea Studio, I redesigned The Robbins Company website and newsletter templates.
I came up with a design system, created wireframes, user flows, sitemaps, mood boards, designed components, templates, and art directed the overall look and feel. I worked with Robbin's marketing department to assure the site was serving its purpose and the content was easily accessible to Robbins's diverse range of international clients.

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Robbins' new site

The challenge was to organize the legacy content that existed on more than 800 pages and restructured the site architecture. It was clear from the beginning that it would be crucial to the project to come up with a content strategy, redesigning the navigation, and creating a design system.

The client also wanted to have the ability to easily update the site. Their current site back-end was extremely challenging for non-technical users.

The Robbins Company old site.

The Robbins Company old site.

Robbins' old website

The Robbin Company site was dated and not responsive.
The initial phase of this project involved research, interviews, discovery sessions, and workshops. Based on the user research, I distinguished two main audience groups—a primary audience group made up of project owners, contractors, and engineers, along with a second group comprising educators, students, and journalist. Throughout the entire process, I referred to the main personas.


Making the Navigation more intuitive

The second phase of this project involved content strategy. One of the challenges was organizing the content and establishing a more intuitive navigation. I took the navigation on the website and did some tree testing. Instead of making assumptions about the navigation, I tested it out. People could not find the information or said it was too hard to find because they thought it was not rational where the information was. So, we sorted the information based on the feedback the participants gave us, and broke the content into more sections to make it more accessible and easy to find.

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Also, people didn’t know how to find the right boring machine for their project because of the nature of the tunneling business and all its terminologies; I designed a more intuitive filter to select boring machines based on size and the geology of the project. I came up with a visual filter that represents the five major geologies in tunneling.

geology filter@2x.jpg

I gave the client a design system, individual components, and templates to follow for specific scenarios.
I also helped to simplified the Wordpress Admin dashboard and make the experience in Wordpress more intuitive for the marketing team.

The new Robbins web site showcases the organization's experience and position as an international leader in the field. It serves as a platform for education and source of information for the tunneling industry. It's fully responsive and user-friendly. The new site better embodies the Robbins brand and appeals to their audiences.

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