Paloma de Murga

Microsoft partner network



Redesigning Microsoft Partner Network site

My Role: Art Director, designer, and illustrator.

While working at VMLY&R as an art director, I redesigned Microsoft Partner Network site enhancing the visual graphics and layouts. I set templates based on content, strategy, user personas, and business objectives. I used Figma to design new modules and layouts, showing the client the possibilities of the site within the constraints of Sitecore.

ISV page.jpg

Microsoft Partner Network new site

Microsoft needed help transforming a fragmented user experience on the Microsoft Partners portal into a cohesive and streamlined experience that could be personalized to the needs of each partner and change the visuals throughout the whole site.


Creative exploration: Redesigning Sitecore components

I redesigned some of the most common components used throughout the whole site. Because these components were already built, most of the design changes had to be subtle, avoiding a disconnected experience. I also came up with entirely new module ideas and a modern design aesthetic that we presented to the stakeholders. Below are the Azure MSP wireframes and final page using the latest design system I proposed as an alternative.


New Sitecore components

I designed alternative components and layouts for the Microsoft Partner Network site. I wanted to make sure that the proposed design felt cohesive, brand new, and modern. This design shows the Azure Expert Managed Services Provider page using components I redesigned.


Fixing the mobile experiences

I fixed mobile issues that users were experiencing with the “table component.” On mobile and tablet, the information display didn’t make much sense; it was hard for users to understand the information, and everything felt out of place. I fixed the mobile experience for this instance with design thinking and research.


Creative exploration: Re-imagining new components

I wanted to show the stakeholders the possibility of redesigning components and creating alternative versions.

Carousel 01 – 1.png
2-up redesign.png

While working on this project I also was the main Art Director for Microsoft Partner Network social media.
See some of the illustrations and anthem videos here. And the Social media campaign for International Women’s day.