Paloma de Murga




I am a visual/UX designer and art director. I grew up in Spain, spent a stint in London studying film, and now live and work in Seattle. I am driven to make useful, socially beneficial work that strikes a balance between beauty and functionality. I think Design should make people's lives easier and simpler.

I am a very optimistic person, I always think about the possibility of improving a product. I like to embrace ambiguity and get main ideas out there and test if they would work. I let multiple ideas coexist simultaneously while exploring lots of possible answers and innovative solutions.

I let myself to not know the answer is at the beginning and allow myself to experiment, to come up with innovative human-centered solutions that really work for people, and to iterate those ideas to make sure the right answer reveals itself.

Design Thinking gives me a creative outlet to satisfy my endless thirst for knowledge and my eagerness to know and experience everything I possibly can. 



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